Sunday, June 15, 2014

{Review + Giveaway} Let's Use Language App

It's time for another app review! You may recall my review of Let's Be Social. If so, you'll recognize Let's Use Language, as it's made by the same developers. Read on for my review and a chance to win 1 of 2 codes!

There are 4 concept areas: vocabulary, sequencing, categories, and opposites. Plus the option to add your own lessons, which is an awesome thing! In each category, there are short stories. There is an option for the story to be read aloud. It is read in a voice similar to the QR codes. 

There are 10 stories total, plus the option to add your own. The questions are different depending on what This is an example of what the story page looks like:

Following the stories (there are 8 total, but the stories themselves are the same), the student is presented with questions to answer. There is an option for the questions and choices to be read aloud. There is also a picture cue on the left side of the question page. 

Again, you have the option to add your own question, by touching the + sign:

What I Liked:
-the stories were interesting for my students
-they love anything that's interactive
-the audio option is really nice
-the concept areas are ones that I target on a regular basis 

What I Would Change:
-I'd love the option to remove the visual cues on the question page (some of my kids were using those instead of thinking about the story)
-I'd love to see stories for older grades!! This format would be motivating for older kids too!

Overall, if you work with the elementary age population, this is an app that targets skills that you probably work on daily. The options to customize it to what you need is amazing! This app can be purchased from the app store here!

You can win one of two codes, so enter below:


  1. So many of my students have language issues, and this could help with comprehension and receptive and expressive language skills.

  2. I like the look of the app for my lower functioning students.

  3. Thanks so much for this review and giveaway! I would love to win this app to use at my new school in the fall! Looking at my caseload it appears there are many students who would benefit from this.

  4. Picture cues are not good. Kids have to think.

  5. I like the variety of goal areas addressed and the fact that I could create my own stories!

  6. Is love to use this with my students!

  7. I'd like to win this app to use with my speech/language students.

  8. would love this!

  9. I would love to win this app because it seems like it can address so many skills that I work on with my elementary age students.

  10. Thanks for the review of the app. I like to read what other school based speech pathologists think before making the purchase. My students love using apps during therapy sessions. Looks like this app would benefit most all of my elementary aged students.