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Take A Trip To The Speech & Language Zoo [giveaway]

I haven't posted about any new activities in quite awhile, but I'm super excited about this one! It's time to take a trip to the zoo, but this zoo is a little different than your typical zoo. First, you print out a zoo map (2 pages) for each student. Tell your student to circle the animals he/she will be visiting based on his/her goals. 

You can print the ticket page and give each student a ticket for answering correctly or print the whole page and have them color in a ticket each time they answer correctly:

Below is a description of what skill each animal targets:

-Giraffes: Articulation (pg. 7-11): Use with any articulation deck or app. Each card has a task. All cards are designed for word level, but can be altered for phrase/sentence level.

-Alligators: Synonyms & Antonyms (pg. 12-18): Some cards have a pair of words (decide if they are syn/ant) and some cards have one word and the student lists either a syn/ant.
-Elephants: Categories (pg. 19-23): Some cards have a category; students should name items that fit. Some cards have items; students should name the category.
-Flamingos: Idioms (pg. 24-28): Each card has an idiom in context; students discuss the meaning.
-Gorillas: Inferences (pg. 29-33): Each card features a short description and a question that requires inferring.
-Hippos: Similarities & Differences (pg. 34-38): Each card features 2 items; students state similarities and differences between them.
-Kangaroos: Attributes (pg. 39-43) Each card features an item; students name a set number of attributes.
-Koalas: Past Tense Verbs (pg. 44-50): Each card features a verb; students should make up a sentence using the past tense of the verb. Regular and irregular verbs are included.
-Lions: What Doesn’t Belong (pg. 51-55): Each card features 4 items; student should state what doesn’t belong and why.
-Monkeys: Main Idea (pg. 56-60): Each card features a short story; students should state the main idea.
-Pandas: Prepositions (pg. 61-64): Each card features a panda in various locations; students should state the preposition (4 each for on, in, under, above, between, in front, behind).
-Parrots: Plurals (pg. 65-68): Each card features a picture of items; student should state the plural form of the item. Includes regular and irregular plurals.
-Peacocks: Was/Were (pg. 69-74): Each card features a sentence; student should fill in was or were. Visual included to remind students when to use each form. 
-Penguins: Is/Are (pg. 75-80): Each card features a sentence; student should fill in is or are. Visual included to remind students when to use each form. 
-Walruses: WH Questions (pg. 81-85): : Each card features a WH question; student should answer the question.
-Turtles: Recalling Details (pg. 86-90): Each card features a sentence to read aloud and a question that requires the student to recall details. 
-Tigers: Analogies (pg. 86-90): Each card features an analogy; students should explain their answer.
-Rhinos: Create A Sentence (pg. 96-100): Each card features 2-3 words; students should create a sentence using all words on the card. 
-Snakes: Social Skills (pg. 101-105): Each card features a question that focuses on social skills. Student should role play or answer the question. Some are zoo related, others are not.
-Lizards: Nonfiction Passages (pg. 106-108): Each card contains information about a zoo animal. Use these to answer questions related to the information, summarize, or recall details. 
-Frogs: Problem Solving (pg. 109-113): Each card contains a situation with a problem; students should discuss how to solve the problem.
-Cheetahs: Asking Questions (pg. 114-118): Each card contains a prompt; students should ask an appropriate question.
-My Favorite Zoo Animal worksheet (pg. 119): Use this worksheet to have students write about their favorite animal. Look up facts or use some of the facts on the lizard cards.
-What Did You Do At the Zoo? Fill In Mini-Book (pg. 120-121): Use this mini-book to write about what animals you visited and why. Print the cover page (pg. 120) for each student and as many animal pages (pg. 121) as each student needs. Cut and staple the mini-book together. 

All the cards are the same size. I recommend printing, laminating, and putting each set on a ring for easy grab and go! Examples of cards:

There is a mini-book that your students can complete which will reinforce what they learned:

This is a HUGE 120 page packet. While the price tag may seem a bit steep, it's something that you can use year round and over multiple sessions, which will make planning much easier!

Click the picture below to be taken to the item:

I'm so excited about this product that I want to giveaway a copy to a lucky follower! 
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  1. This looks like such a great comprehensive packet! Every year the kiddos at my school go to the zoo, so this would be an excellent resource to target that!

  2. Why do I want to win this? I collect flamingos, and there's a flamingo section in here! My students would definitely appreciate that!

  3. This product works on so many skills and it's so the graphics are awesome!

  4. I would use this with so many students to address their language goals. Very cute!

  5. I would love to win this to use with my students. It is so cute and covers so many different goals.

  6. Thanks for the chance to win this great packet!!

  7. In my earlier comment, I forgot to say why I want this...well, it covers both speech and language goals, it's cute, it's a great idea, and something that would work for different levels and different goals. Thanks again for the chance to win this!

  8. Fun theme and targets so many goals!

  9. This looks awesome, targets so many skills, and my current and future students would love it. :)

  10. (Valerie)
    I want to win this as I can use it with so many of my speech and language students! So versatile!

  11. I am getting assigned to all new schools this year and I love that this packet has so many different activities in it and can be used with a variety of students. The theme is so versatile because everyone knows about animals and im sure most have been to the zoo.

  12. This looks so comprehensive!

  13. (Susan)
    This activity is very comprehensive and will help me in planning

  14. I like the organization of this....takes the sorting/organizing minutes out of the session for me and gives me time to focus on the kids' needs! Thanks!

  15. I love the variety of goals that can be addressed with this product. Thanks for the creativity and hard work!

  16. Could use this with so many of my students! So many love animals so it is perfect!

  17. (Harriett)
    Didn't look like t my comment went through so just again this looks so great for all my students. I have so many who love animals!!!

  18. I'd like to win this because I work for an ECSE program through the ESD, which means we have next to nothing for a budget, and are asked to do more and more with it every year. I'd like to win this because they've started cutting our hours back, which means I have even less time to make my own materials or learn how to use anyone else's. I'd love to win this because then I might actually be more ready for my kids come September, when we're also buried in new-school-year paperwork!

    bldrnrpdx (at) a o l (dot) com

  19. This looks like a very comprehensive packet and you clearly invested a lot of time in creating it. I like the versatility of the materials as well as the grade range it can be used with. I'm sure it would be put to good use.

  20. This would be fabulous because it is so comprehensive! It would be a wonderful tool for working with students with mixed goals and skill levels!

  21. You didn't miss a trick!! I'd love this for my kids--and they would SO enjoy it!

  22. I am going to be starting my CF this year in an elementary school, and this seems like a fantastic tool to help me work on a variety of goals while making it so fun for the students. I would love to win this packet and use it to help me and my students during my CF!

  23. This looks AMAZING! It would be wonderful for working with groups where many different goals need to be targeted!

  24. Perfect theme, all-encompassing! What an amazing looking resource...would love the chance to use this with my kiddos! :)

  25. Extremely comprehensive and a wonderful resource to use throughout the year. I love the graphics and see so many uses for this.

  26. This looks really comprehensive. A lot of my Navajo children here in New Mexico might not otherwise get to see some of animals in this packet in real life.

  27. My students would love to use this!!