Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ice Cream-y Cones

The summer is flying by much too quickly for my liking. Some of you might even be back in school. I have until the end of August before I go back, but am just beginning to get a taste of actual summer vacation now since I worked ESY. Today, I'm sharing a freebie that has an ice cream theme - it screams summer!

I call this activity Ice Cream-y Cones and it targets story retell, by helping students pick out the character, setting, problem, and solution of a short story. They can then use the completed cones as visual cues to retell the story. There are 5 stories and ice cream scoops with character, setting, problem, and solution to match with the correct cone. 

Grab your copy here!

The story page indicates the color cone that matches each story:

Hope you enjoy this freebie!

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