Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Clinical Skills Confidence: Have A Life!

The latest installment of Clinical Skills Confidence doesn't actually focus on anything clinical. We all tend to eat, live, sleep, and breath speech - but it's important to have a life outside speech too! Recently I asked my Facebook followers what they like to do to stay in shape. It got me thinking about how it's important to have work/life balance! 

These are some of the things I like to do to make sure I'm living outside the SLP world:

1. Exercise: I make this a habit 6 days a week. It takes getting out bed early, but I feel so much better afterwards. Recently, I discovered The Gymbox through Amazon Prime. It also gives you access to a lot of Jillian Michaels' workout videos. I usually just run, but I know I need to mix it up with some strength workouts. 

2. Hang out with friends: I'm lucky to have close friends in the school that I work at. We routinely get together outside of school.

3. Get takeout and watch a movie: At least one weekend night, my husband and I get takeout and just watch a movie. It's nice to just relax and spend some time together. 

4. Do seasonal activities: Apple picking, pumpkin picking, ice skating, farmer's markets. Whatever it is, get out of the house and take advantage of the seasons. 

5. Find a hobby: For me, I actually really enjoy blogging and TpT activities, which has turned into my hobby - but that's speech related. Outside of that, I like to cook/bake, read, and do crafts.

What do you do to "have a life"?

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  1. I agree completely! I workout twice a week with my sister, who is a trainer. Then 3-4 times a week I walk, hike, bike or hop on the rowing machine. I have so much more energy that way. I am new to blogging and tpt, they havebecome hobbies too. I am totally enjoying October and all the fall festivities. If you get a chance visit my blog and see what you think, yours is great!