Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October TpT Mystery!


Hello my faithful readers! September is officially over, meaning that we now are full steam ahead for the rest of the year. I think it's about time we had a little fun. What do you think?

I'm sure you all use TpT. If you don't...please start!!! I'm holding a fun little mystery this month. If it works well, I'll consider doing it in the future too. How do you get in on the fun? 

For the month of October, there will be a mystery product listed in my store. It is $2.00. I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "why would I use some of my hard-earned money and not know what I'm getting?!?!" 

Here's why:
-it's $2.00, which means the equivalent of a cup of coffee or very large candy bar
-it's timely, which means you can use it this month
-it can be used with a range of students, goals, etc. 
-it's kind of fun to not know! :)

If and when you leave feedback, please don't give the surprise away! To get to the surprise, click the picture above!

As an added incentive, if you purchase AND LEAVE FEEDBACK, you can enter the giveaway below for a chance to pick any product from my store (bundles excluded). You must leave your TpT username, so that I can verify the purchase. Happy October!

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  1. I wish I would have seen this 30 mins ago. I just purchased from tpt and since there is a $3.00 minimum, it isn't going to work. Also I will have to pass since I work with older students. However, I do hope you do something else like this in the future!! :D

  2. Carly, thanks for the feedback. As this is the first time I'm trying this, I wanted to keep the price low. Next month, maybe I'll do one for the younger crowd and one for the older crowd!