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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Freebie Linky Party

Lauren from Busy Bee Speech  (<--- click to be taken to her post so you can check out the other freebies that have been posted) is throwing a winter freebie linky party! 

What does that mean for you? Lots of freebies, that's what!! 

My brand new freebie is called Summarizing Elves. It features some chatty elves who have difficulty relaying "just the facts." They have to figure out how to summarize some stories so they can figure out the secret message!

Example page:

Secret message mat - each card has a number. When students decide what statement best summarizes the story, they write the letter in the corresponding box.

Example story: 

Hope you like this (feedback is much appreciated)!!! Happy Winter! It is currently snowing/sleeting in my area, which is not so nice...

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