Sunday, December 9, 2012

Articu-burgers +FREEBIE

I thought it was about time I took a crack at an articulation activity! I have a lot of little guys working on early developing sounds, so I decided to start there. Why burgers? Not sure, but I saw this cute clipart from Graphics From the Pond and decided to use it. 

This articulation game includes words and pictures for P, B, M, N, T, D, K, and G in initial and final positions of words. The goal is to be the first to make a complete burger (bottom bun, lettuce, meat, cheese, tomato, top bun)! If you want to make it more challenging, have the students see who can make 2 complete burgers!

TO USE: Cut out game cards, burger sheet (has all pieces student needs to earn) and lose a turn cards. Laminate and separate into piles according to sounds. Shuffle and lay facedown. Have students take turns drawing cards and practicing their words and/or or put the word into a sentence.

You get a total of 24 cards for each sound (12 initial and 12 final) which gives a total of 192 different cards! There is also a sheet with all the words included in the game. 

See below: 

I included a word list of all the included words:

A sheet you can give students so they can keep track of which burger pieces they have earned:

"Slipped on ketchup" cards means student loses a turn:

You get 12 initial position and 12 final position cards for each sound (24 total for each sound):

Because this is my first "go-round" with an articulation activity, I decided to provide the G set as a freebie for everyone! You can get the freebie HERE and the complete game HERE

Please comment below and tell me what you think! If this is something you like, I might do the later developing sounds! 

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