Monday, December 17, 2012

Catch the Categories (free for a limited time)

I decided to create an activity involving categories, knowing that it's an area that most SLPs target on a regular basis. See what I came up with:

There are 10 category sheets that can be printed out and laminated as whole sheets. Each category sheet will be filled with three red balloons and there is a fourth space for students to come up with another member that fits the category. I wanted to make this both a receptive activity (sorting cards into the categories) as well as an expressive activity (naming another member). 

The red balloon cards should be cut out and laminated. They each have a picture and correspond to one of the ten categories.

Answer key below with all 10 category names/members:

This activity will be FREE, but only until Wednesday 12/19, so "catch" it while you can HERE


  1. Thank you for the super cute freebie! I love that you kept it receptive and expressive.

  2. I agree - I'm a big fan of the expressive and receptive component! Good thinking!

  3. I agree - I'm a big fan of the expressive and receptive language component! Good thinking!

  4. I am ALWAYS trying to come up with new category materials-this is awesome! Thanks!
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