Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crack...Bang...Pop: Complex Emotion Crackers

My family always has holiday crackers at Christmas time! You know those tube-like things that look like a big piece of candy. You grab the ends and pull - they pop open and you have to wear those lovely paper crowns. Usually there is a little toy and a joke too! I found some clip art and was inspired to create:

Complex Emotion Crackers!!

I wanted to create something for those more complex emotions that are harder to describe and therefore harder for some students to really understand. I included 2 scenarios for each of the following emotions: angry, anxious, ashamed, confident, confused, greedy, frightened, guilty, exhausted, jealous, annoyed, frustrated, lonely, distracted, shy, suspicious, bored, content, embarrassed and worried. This gives you a total of 40 different scenarios! These would be appropriate for older elementary, middle and high schoolers who have mastered basic emotions. 

To Use: Cut out whole cracker on dotted line and laminate. Then cut along dark, jagged black line to separate. I also put the same shapes on either side of the cracker to help identify correct answers. Match the cracker color and the shape on either side of the cracker. You can also discuss with your students other emotions that the person might be feeling! 

If you'd like this activity, you can get it here in my TpT store! Let me know what you think! This was my first crack at something higher level, so I'm hoping it's something some SLPs will be able to use!

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