Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don't Say It Game - A Different Vocabulary/Language Activity!

I love the idea of adapting commercially available games to use in therapy. I based my new activity off the games "Catch Phrase (TM)" and "Taboo (TM)" to get: Don't Say It - Describing Dash. It's a vocabulary building/expressive language game where students have to draw cards and describe the given item, BUT they can't use the word(s) on the card! The game is leveled in that beginners are not supposed to say the first word given. For more of a challenge, students can try to describe the word without using the first word or the word in the parentheses. For example, the word is "donut." The "don't say it words" are "circle" and "sweet." The student could say this item is round, you eat it for breakfast, it has a hole in the middle and sometimes has frosting.

The game is broken up into categories: food, animals, household items, sports items, and school items. There are 30 cards for each category, plus a blank card for you to add your own. There is also a picture of each item plus the written word. The cards for each category have different colored outlines for easy identification. Students earn "coin" with points after completing a card. At the end of the session, the student with the most points wins. 

Food category cards have a red outline:

Animal category cards have a green outline:

Household category cards have a blue outline:

Sport category items have a purple outline: 

School category cards have an orange outline:

Each category includes a blank page to add your own word and "don't say it" words:

Print 2 copies of the "coin" pages. Students earn coins after completing cards:

There is a "describing words" visual with other game play hints, like using another word that means the same as the word you can't use (say round instead of circle). Plus, students can use gesture to act out the item on the card (like charades!):

You can get this game HERE!

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  1. Cute idea! As a speechie, of course, I love both games!