Monday, December 31, 2012

Get a mirror for MIRROR-TIC!

I am so excited to share a new activity idea I thought of last night. I think it'll become a hit in your therapy room, as well as mine! I really wanted to use this camera clipart from Maree Truelove that I used for my Click! What's the Pic? activity (blog post soon). In the process of trying to think up another area to target, I happened to think about how you hold cameras up when you're about take a picture. BAM! It hit me: write the words so that when you hold it up in front of the mirror, the words are shown correctly.

I played around to figure out how to do this and finally figured it out!

I decided to focus on /r/ first! This is what the cards look like:

Weird looking, huh? BUT THE MAGIC HAPPENS WHEN YOU HOLD THE CARD IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR! Have your students pretend to take a picture in front of the mirror and the word will appear correctly for them. If they say the word correctly, they keep the card. Watch out for the "broken camera" cards. 

There are 18 cards for each variation of /r/ including: prevocalic, ar, ire, ear, er, or, er. Each camera color corresponds to a different variation of /r/ so it's easy to keep them separated. Because I know a lot of people prefer picture stimuli, I also included 12 cards  for each variation with pictures and writing that look like this:

There are only 12 pictures for each because it's difficult to find pictures for a lot of the /r/ words! In total, you get 84 picture cards and 126 cards with just writing. 


I hope you like this different kind of activity! Comment below and let me know what other sounds you'd like me to create next! Get the activity HERE!


  1. I think the kids are going to love this!!! In addition to /r/, my students are working most with /th/, /ch/, /j/, /s/ and /l/. I could see this working also with categories.... so creative!!! Thank you!

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for your comment! I plan to do other sounds too, so be on the lookout for them. I just did a categories one which is a freebie that you can get here: