Saturday, December 29, 2012


I'm guessing that most SLPs try to give weekly homework, especially if you work in the schools. I did a survey on Facebook to see if there was interest if I decided to create some homework packets. Articulation, grammar, social skills were all requested, so I decided to tackle articulation first. This packet is different from my other activities, because I wanted it to be easy to print (black and white) and copy. It also turned into a very large packet!

I call this packet Homework SMILES. 

See picture below for a breakdown of the entire packet:

For most sounds, there are 4 different HW pages for each position of the sound. I broke the blends up and provided 2 pages for each different blend (i.e. SN, SK, etc), plus 4 pages of mixed blends. I also added a blank page that you can easily make your own!

The picture below is an example of what the HW pages look like. They are half sheets to help conserve paper. Again, they can be printed in black and white so there are no graphics (other than the smiley faces):

There are a total of 146 different ready-made HW sheets! I am hard at work creating one for grammar and language! Comment if you like what you see and want more! 

Get the packet HERE! (It will be included in the 20% off sale on Jan. 2nd and 3rd) 

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