Sunday, December 2, 2012

Multisyllabic Reindeer Freebie + TpT Sale

Thanks for all the FaceBook likes! I decided to do a freebie as a thank you. I have some kids on my caseload that have difficulty with multisyllabic words, so I created a reindeer themed multisyllabic activity just for them (and for all of you). 

I included a page that can be used as a sorting mat or with plastic pockets for sorting:

There are 24 two syllable cards and 24 three syllable cards. Most of my kids do better with visuals, so I put corresponding reindeer heads on each card (2 syllables = 2 reindeer heads). Below is an example of the 2 syllable cards:

  And the 3 syllable cards:

You can grab it FOR FREE here, but PLEASE leave feedback if you do download it!

Coming up this week: Look for a Polar Bear Pragmatics pack (featuring the same polar bears in the Polar Bear Problem Solving pack) and a complex emotions activity. Let me know anything else you'd like to see by commenting! 

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for my Start Your Engines Following Directions Game that ends in a few days. Enter here! 

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