Friday, December 28, 2012

Pick A Pocket Auditory Memory

Auditory memory is a skill that several students on my caseload seem to have difficulty with. After seeing some "pocket" clipart from Ashley Hughes, I decided to create an activity based on auditory memory of words AND sentences called Pick a Pocket: Auditory Memory:

The games can be played separately or together. The goal is to try to earn a pocket in all 5 colors: purple, green, red, orange, and blue. Placemats included to help students keep track of the pockets they've earned:

Be careful of the "ripped pocket" cards because they require students to put a pocket back:

A visual is included for both words and sentences. Strategies are included to help students remember the words:

For the word game, there are 3 words that the SLP/teacher readers aloud to the student. Once completed, the student must recall all three words. If he/she is able to recall all 3, they keep the pocket. Below is an example:

Below is the sentence visual with a reminder to listen for key words:

Examples of the sentence pockets are below. Each pocket features one sentence with a corresponding question. If the student answers the question correctly, they keep the pocket!

2 pages of blank pockets are also included in the event that you want to add your own! You can get this activity HERE!

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