Sunday, December 23, 2012

Predicting with Pies

I knew I wanted to do an activity featuring prediction skills. I found some cute pie clipart at and decided it would be perfect for this activity! This activity features 3 different types of predicting:

 Cherry Pie Cards: Given a short scenario, students predict what might happen


 Chocolate Pie Cards: given 3 items, students predict something you can do with

these items (ex. peanut butter, jelly, bread – make a PB&J sandwich)

 Pumpkin Pie Cards: Given steps of a sequence with one step missing, students
decide what step is missing 

There are 24 cards for each activity, giving a total of 72 cards!

There is a visual with reminders for students what to do on each card. 

Cherry Pie Cards: Predict what will happen next

Chocolate Pie Cards: Given 3 items, predict what you can do with them

Pumpkin Pie Cards: Given a sequence of events, decide which step is missing

A simple game board is included in the event that your students enjoy games!

You can get this activity HERE!

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