Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Syntax Slip-Ups

I found some clipart from Graphics From the Pond that featured kids holding up their "work." I immediately knew that I had to do something with it because it was so cute! I brainstormed for awhile before finally deciding to tackle a syntax/grammar activity. I frequently work on grammar skills (as do all SLPs) and have found that often the first step is having students identify if a sentence is RIGHT or WRONG before expecting them to fix the errors in their speech. 

Based on this idea, I created an activity called Syntax Slip-Ups. 

This activity focuses on the following common grammatical mistakes:

  • auxiliary verbs is/are (24 error cards and 12 fill in cards)
  • irregular plurals (24 error cards and 12 fill in cards)
  • irregular past tense (24 error cards and 12 fill in cards)
  • subject/possessive pronoun agreement (24 error cards and 12 fill in cards)
  • “I” vs “me” (24 cards error and 12 fill in cards)
Total of 180 cards!

Visuals for each different grammatical structure are included. Examples below:
Error cards (black outline) feature a sentence with an error. SLP or student can read the sentence aloud, identify the error, and then fix it. Below is an example of the auxiliary verbs (is/are) activity. 

Below is an example of the subject/possessive pronoun activity. A lot of my kids have difficulty using the correct possessive pronoun (using his for a boy, her for a girl, their for a group of people):

Once students are good at identifying and fixing the error, move on to the fill in cards (green outline) which requires the student to fill in the correct targeted grammatical structure. Example below is from the auxiliary verb activity, so the student decides whether to fill in "is" or "are."

You can get this activity HERE!

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  1. Looks great...I've added it to my wishlist on TPT. I have so many kids this year with grammar goals. More than I've ever had!