Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Write a Postcard & Practice Articulation? Freebie Included!

I remember going on vacation as a kid and really enjoying buying postcards (even if I didn't send them to anyone). So I created Articulation Postcards, which target SH, CH, TH, R, L, R-BLENDS, S-BLENDS, AND L-BLENDS. 

There are 20 cards total for SH, CH, TH, R, and L: 5 initial, 5 medial, 5 final and 5 mixed position cards. There are 10 cards each for the blends (initial position only). 

Print as many postcard templates as you need on heavy duty paper. When you cute them out, one side is the "front" and the other is the "back." Stamps can be colored, cut out, and glued to the postcards! Add a fun address too! 

Give students a card with the sounds they are working on. There are 4 words (and a bonus word) involving their sound on each card. Instruct the students to write sentences using their words. When finished, they read their message aloud using good articulation! This can also be used with students working on language/grammar skills. Students can draw a picture of their words (or something of their choice) on the “front” of the postcard!

I highlighted and underlined the L-words. The sentences can be silly and don't necessarily have to be about going on vacation! The other side is completely blank, so the student can draw whatever they like. These might be great decorations for your speech room! You can send one as homework too!

Postcard templates:

Stamp templates:

Word cards:

To give you a better idea of how this would look, I created an example using a card from the L set:


This would work for students working on grammar/language skills as well. I think my students will have a good time competing to see who can use the bonus word too. If you'd like this activity, you can get it HERE! If you want to test it out, I have posted the SH cards as a freebie HERE!

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