Saturday, January 5, 2013

Expressive Fiesta

Just finished a new expressive language activity using the same "fiesta" clipart as the Formulating Questions Fiesta! I call this new activity Expressive Fiesta and it targets older students. While it's labeled as an expressive activity, it can also be used to target WH questions, vocabulary skills, auditory comprehension and sequencing. 

First you need to cut out these 6 pictures and affix them each to a side of a die:

Then each student is given a worksheet like this:

Students will roll the die and pick up a corresponding detail card. The cactus means you pick up a WHO card, the guitar means you pic up a WHAT card, the maracas means you pick up a WHERE card, the chili pepper means you pick up a WHEN card, and the sombrero means you pick up a WHY card. The student then fills in the details on the worksheet. Examples of the cards are below. WHO, WHAT, and WHERE cards  have pictures!

Once the details are all filled in, the student creates a story. He/she can write it out or verbalize the story. Other students might be asked to re-tell the story or asked questions about it. An example page is included in the activity:

Let me know what you think!  You can get this activity HERE!

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