Saturday, June 1, 2013

SLPs care for Oklahoma

If I wasn't sure before, I'm pretty positive now: SLPs are one of the most caring group of people out there. When news of the Oklahoma tornado broke, I immediately thought of Amy of Major Speech Minor Girl, who I "met" through the blogging world. If you have not read her experience with the tornado, please do. You can find it HERE. I cannot imagine experiencing even half of what they went through. 

We all want to help! How can you help?! 

By visiting the newly created TpT store called SLPs Care For OK to purchase one of two bundles. Each bundle is GIGANTIC and includes several products donated from your favorite speech bloggers:

Find Bundle #1 and Bundle #2 which each has about 25-30 products. My donation was Can I Take Your Order? Receptive Language Activity and it's in Bundle #1. These bundles will be on sale from June 1-June 30! 

The money raised will go towards helping the 4 SLPs in the Moore Public School District who lost ALL of their speech materials. Each bundle is only $15.00 but the products separately would be about $140.00!! Holy cannoli Batman! 

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