Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Games That Get A LOT of Trials

Who plays games in their therapy room? I'm sure you may cringe if you hear your students say "we play games in speech!" Those are the moments that I wish I could just slap this sticky note on the back of the child after they say that (hehe):

But I digress...

I have found that some games really are great for getting a lot of trials out of my kids. These are currently my favorites (click on the pictures to get to the Amazon link):

1. Don't Spill The Beans: get a bean for every 3-5 words, etc.
2. Mr. Potato Head: have a race to see who can build their potato the fastest. Earn a body part for every 3-5 words, etc.
3. Spot It: have a race to find the matching items after 3-5 words, etc.
4. Marble Run: have a marble race after 3-5 words, etc.
5. This is not so much a game, but I've found it works WONDERS. I bought these "coins" awhile back from Oriental Trading Company. For whatever reason, kids LOVE earning these coins. I give them a cup and we see how many coins they can earn. This would work well with pennies, bingo chips, etc. 

What do you use in your therapy room to get a lot of trials? 


  1. I love tricking kids with "play". Who says learning can't be fun!? Check out what I use:

    1. Hi Kian! Thanks for commenting - I will head over to your blog for sure!