Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Review} Spring Monsters Inferencing Pack

I am excited to do another product review swap! This time it is with Lindsey of WordNerdSpeechTeach. I am reviewing her Spring Monsters Inferencing Pack. It seems I usually have several students working on these skills and her packet offers a ton of different kinds of activities. They all feature cute, spring monsters too, which my students loved!

I have not even tried out all the activities yet because there are so many great ones! So far, I have used the "what will happen next? cards, the "what am I?" cards, the "who am I?" cards, and the "what am I missing?" cards. 

Examples of each type of card are below:

What Could Happen Next?:

 Read My Emotions:

 Emotion Charades:

What Am I?: 

Who Am I?:

What Am I Missing?

How Do You Know?:

I've used some of these activities with a variety of students and ages. The youngest was 7, the oldest was 17. Making inferences is such a hard skill for a lot of my students. The nice thing about these cards is that you can use them for vocabulary development, auditory processing, social skills, etc. This makes the packet go a long way! A lot of my students really need visuals or choices, so I simply provided them when I could. 

-I love the ability to use this with multiple ages and skill levels
-I love that there's some blank cards to create my own
-The graphics are adorable
-There are so many different activities, I haven't even used them all yet!

What I Altered:
-I printed these using the multiple page option. The cards were still readable and I saved some ink. Score!
-A LOT of my students require visuals and/or choices, so I needed to provided these for most of my students

Definitely a versatile packet to grab if you need to target inferences! Thanks to Lindsey for doing a product review swap!

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