Monday, September 30, 2013

"Junk Mail" Speech Therapy

We all know it's a frequent occurrence - you open your mailbox and pull out catalogs and ads. Most speech bloggers I know do not (I repeat DO NOT) throw these things out. In fact, we hardly throw anything out because "YOU CAN USE IT IN THERAPY!" If you need proof, check out my Trader Joe's post. 

Recently, I was graced with this one from Party City. Halloween is just around the corner. Small confession - I have never really liked Halloween. Though I tend to crave bite size chocolate treats around this time...

Back to my point! I usually thumb through these catalogs quickly to see what can be used. 

The pages open up to reveal cute little children dressed up in various costumes. BINGO! Therapy jackpot. 

Goals you can address:
-comparing and contrasting
-expressive language: which costume would you like and why?
-story telling (pick a character and tell a story)
-WH questions (who is wearing a princess costume? what parts are involved in that costume?)
-many, many more :)

*When I do this activity, I plan to use only the kids' costume pages*

Do you like Halloween? Are your students allowed to dress up?


  1. I love using the Halloween catalogs with the kids-I've also cut out some of the costume pictures to make simple books to read: ex. I am going to be a .....

  2. The Oriental Trading catalogs are great for naming and description and are always theme or holiday related.
    Tracy (GoldCountrySLP)