Sunday, December 29, 2013

An SLP's Poem For 2013

Graphics: Lovin Lit

2013 you're almost done,
You've really been so much fun,

Full of articulation drills, 
And games to target language skills, 

We've worked on "s," "th", and the dreaded "r,"
So students could get their speech up to par,

Synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words,
Learning phrases like "it's for the birds!"

We practiced following directions, 1 and 2 step,
The students added so much pep,

IEP meetings, evaluations, and more,
Made your eyes, ears and typing fingers a little sore,

We practiced grammar, like an irregular past tense verb, 
Some days the students wanted to kick those to the curb,

Expanding sentences, from one to three to five,
Successful students made you feel like you did a 10 point dive,

Working sounds from syllables to words to conversation,
One step closer to being done,

WH questions: like who, what, where, when, and why,
Having a student "get it" made you want to cry,

We program AAC devices to help students communicate, 
So they might be able to one day ask someone on a date,

Some days you went home completed wiped out,
But you always go back; there's never any doubt,

So 2013, you've been great,
What 2014 has in store is still up to debate! 

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