Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love It & List It Linky

This month's Love It and List It Linky is holiday activities! These have been hits in my room:

1. Paper Plate Snowmen: Read more about these here. These are really simple, but can target so many different goals.

2. Check It Twice: This is a holiday themed activity that targets inferences, recalling details, and reasoning skills! 

3. Holiday Card Describing: I'm sure you get at least a handful of holiday cards from friends/family. This would be a great activity for before or even after the holidays! Bring in some of your cards and let the language flow. Download these free worksheets for your students to complete. Formulate sentences, compare/contrast, make predictions about what the people are doing in the pictures, etc.

The holidays are such a fun time for kids and adults! I hope you've found a couple new ideas - be sure to check out the other bloggers who've linked up!