Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Review}: Tactus Therapy Solutions - Answering TherAppy

Disclaimer: The app was provided to me free of charge; however, the opinions expressed are my own.

Tactus Therapy Solutions is known for creating apps that can be used with all ages. I recently got the opportunity to try Answering TherAppy, which focuses on answering WH questions and yes/no questions. There are several types of each question included, as well as several different levels.

When you're ready to add your students, you are taken to this page, where you can customize settings. I really like that you can change how many trials you'd like, as well as select how many choices are provided for answers. 

Below are the different levels for the yes/no questions: You can select as few or as many as you'd like:

Below are the different levels for the WH questions. Again, you can select as few or as many as you'd like:

I wanted you to be able to see examples of some of the questions. Below is an example of the "how long/many/often" questions. Some of them focus on 

Below is an example of the "how" questions. Some of them focus on procedural sequences, like "how do you make toast," but some have a more social focus, which is great. 

Below is an example of a "whose/which" question. 

Below is an example of a yes/no "adjective identification" question. I like how these types of questions can also help kids with basic concepts (wet/dry, big/small, etc). 

Overall, the layout was a little different from some of the other WH question apps I've tried, but that was really nice! If you want one app that targets both WH and yes/no questions, this is the ticket. The ability to use questions that go from very basic to more complex makes this app one-of-a-kind.

What I Liked:
-variety of questions with different levels
-ability to target just a few or all of the types of questions
-ability to change settings to customize for each student
-some of the questions will allow for further expressive language development (i.e. basic concepts, follow up questions I could ask, discussion of social questions)
-the "how" questions targeted social conduct type questions
-you can use the app with a wide range of ages and abilities

What I Would Change:
-I would love the ability to add a yes/no visual (a smiley face or X). I tried it with some of my kids with Autism, and it was a little difficult for some of them without the added visuals that I usually have

You can find this app here if you are interested in trying it out for yourself. They also have Asking TherAppy and both are sold in one app, called Question TherAppy. which saves you money. The really nice thing about Tactus Therapy Solutions is that they offer a lite version of most of their apps that allow you to try it out before buying!

Would you try this app? 

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