Friday, April 25, 2014

Peek At My Week 4/25

Graphics: My Cute Graphics

First week after spring break! Lots of meetings! Lots of Earth Day activities!

First up, I used my Earth Day Extravaganza pretty much all week in various different ways. It has activities for tons of the goals I target, so it was perfect.  Below is a picture of the paper/cardboard and plastic sort. I forgot to print it in color, but we made do with black and white. It was great to work on describing using attributes and comparing/contrasting!

The craft of the week was a very simple construction paper globe that required little prep. Cut ovals out of blue construction paper and cut squares from green construction paper to glue on. This was my example - I did it quickly in the morning. Don't mind the fact that my Earth seems to be missing a few continents. For some kids, I stapled another piece of paper on the bottom and had them write down ways to help the Earth. For others, we wrote artic words around the ocean. 

I had to be in a ton of meetings, so I was happy to have something already planned for the week! Since those meetings mean at least some new evaluations, don't miss my latest Clinical Skills Confidence post which talks about keeping tabs on E.I.P.!


  1. My linky is up for the Week in review & will be up until Thursday night if you want to join in! :)
    Love the craft for the week! :)

  2. I LOVE that craftivity. I need to add it to my list of plans for next year! Totally right there with you on the meetings!

  3. Great craftivity! I need to do more of those :)