Sunday, November 18, 2012

Freebie: /sh/ cupcakes! And /l/ cupcakes!

Sunday should begin with a freebie, right?

Many of my children are working on the /sh/ sound. What child doesn't love cupcakes? I have created a freebie that targets /sh/ in initial, medial, and final positions! While there are no pictures for this freebie, I find that if we are doing "drill" (i.e. playing a game and saying a couple words prior to taking a turn), the child is not even looking at the cards. I usually just say the word and the child repeats it. If he/she is at the phrase or sentence level, I sometimes provide one or have him/her make up a phrase or sentence, depending on the age of the child. 

Take a peek below:

I also posted cupcakes that target /l/ in initial, medial, and final positions on my TpT website. Take a peek below:

Hope your Sunday is "sweet!"

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