Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holly Jolly Language Packet - 6 different activities!

I decided to create a holiday language packet that would target a variety of language skills. The activities are a smorgasboard of skills that I target on a regular basis in my therapy room. I also wanted to use ornaments for those who celebrate Christmas and dreidels for those who celebrate Hanukkah!

1. Pleasing Plurals (regular and irregular): given the singular noun, student provides plural form

2. Perky Pronouns (he, she, they): fill in the correct pronoun

3. Puzzling Problem Identification: I have students who have difficulty identifying problems in basic situations, so I created sentences and the student decides if there is or is not a problem. The SLP can then discuss how to solve the problem and expand on their responses. 

4. Oodles of Opposite Concepts: I decided to try a different way of targeting concepts. This activity is sort of like having the students come up with antonyms, but it focuses on basic concepts like tall/short, on/off, etc. The student is given a concept and has to provide the opposite concept!

5. Wonderful Word Finding (driedels): there is a phrase with a word missing that the student fills in

6. Clever Categories (dreidels): student is given a category name and has to name 2-3 members or name the category when given members

Each activity includes 36 ornaments or 36 dreidels. Print a tree/table for each student. Easy to work on different language skills in groups! See pictures below:

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