Monday, November 19, 2012

Regular Past Tense Balloons! *PLUS FREEBIE*

The Monday before Thanksgiving is already here? How many of you are off on Wednesday?! I'm sure lots of people are looking forward to some time off to spend with family and friends!

To kick off this week, I've posted the regular past tense balloons over at TpT. These are green (irregular ones are red) and you get 18 for only $1.00!! If this is something you'd like to see more of, leave a comment below and I'll get to work on making more. This is what the regular past tense balloons look like: 

I'm also working on sentence level activities for "sh, ch" and "th." What other sounds would you like to see? Before the whole activity is completed, I'm offering part of it as a FREEBIE! Just in time for Thanksgiving, I thought giving some of the "th" material would be appropriate.

Get some "th" tongue twisters to spice up your articulation groups right before Thanksgiving break!! Gobble, gobble, gobble it up here!


  1. Love your blog. Thank you for all of the freebies. Look forward to following you!

  2. Love your blog. Thank you for all of the freebies.

  3. My 4th grade students love the tongue twisters. Vocalic /R/ would be a great addition that I could use! Happy Thanksgiving!