Saturday, December 1, 2012

Polar Bear Problem Solving!

If you read yesterday's blog post, I alluded to some cute polar bears that would soon be making their way to my therapy room and TpT store! Alas, they have arrived! Introducing my brand new Polar Bear Problem Solving Packet!! This is a 20 page packet full of problem identification, problem avoidance and problem solving! 

First, let's meet our polar bears: Penny, Paige, Parker, Phillip, Paula, and Peter!

There are 3 different types of activities included in this packet: problem identification, problem avoidance, and problem solving. There are a total of 66 different scenario cards!

Each activity also has a visual with explanations that you can discuss with your students prior to the lesson. Below is the visual for problem identification - these would work well with plastic pockets if you have them for sorting fun! 

This is the visual for problem avoidance. I had a request for problem avoidance or "what could he have done to avoid this?" There is an example situation to talk over with your students. 

There are 2 polar bears that are involved with each activity. Below are cards for Peter who needs help identifying if a problem exists or not.

Phillip needs help avoiding problems!

Parker needs solutions for his problems!

I also included a black and white version of the polar bears, which you can send as a homework sheet or keep other students occupied while working with another!

There is also a game board included! 

This packet is only $3.00 and is posted in my TpT store! Look for a chance to win this on FaceBook sometime this weekend!

You will see the polar bears again in my social skills packet that is soon to follow! I hope this is something you will enjoy using! 

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