Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Clinical Skills Confidence: Websites To Use In Therapy

Disclaimer: This post contains links to the websites mentioned for your convenience.

Do you use computers in therapy? I definitely don't use mine all the time (I have a laptop, so it's a little more difficult with groups), but sometimes it's a nice change of pace. These are some of the websites I really enjoy using:

1. Watch Know Learn: I wrote briefly about this one in Peek At My Week this week. It's a great website with free educational videos for K-12. This week, I used a couple mystery ones (Lochness Monster and Bermuda Triangle) with my older students. We made predictions about what we thought was the truth and answering listening comprehension questions. 

2. Time For Kids: The students get copies of this magazine, so using the website is a great way to incorporate curriculum vocabulary. What's great about this site is that there are Common Core lessons that include worksheets and articles - a ready to go lesson plan!

3. Readworks: You can search grade level reading passages. Reading comprehension is a skill that so many of my students need help with that this has become a go-to resource for me.

4. Social Skills Videos on YouTube: This link takes you to some cute videos for a wide range of social skills like honesty, politeness, etc. This one features cartoon like animals. If you'd prefer videos with people, this one has a few.

5. MrNussbaum: This website has a range of free, educational games. I believe the games can even be played on the iPad, which is great. This website also has a ton of other resources to check out, like printable reading comprehension sheets, Mad Lib type activities, and scavenger hunts. 

I'd love to hear what you're using in your therapy room! 

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