Friday, October 18, 2013

Peek At My Week: 10/18

I'm slowly working my way up to Halloween things in therapy. I probably will do more next week, but I don't like doing it for too long. This week, I used some of my Dollar Store Dash purchases. 

I put velcro on the skeleton in various places and on the creepy crawlies. It was a great way to target directions, body parts, concepts, etc. The kids had a ball putting the items all over the skeleton and it was such an easy activity to incorporate other activities with.

I cut out and laminated a tree trunk and then put velcro on the tree and the felt leaves. I used this as a reinforcer and a requesting activity with my kids with autism. They all liked the interactive aspect of this. Irregular plurals were targeted and discussed too, especially ones that the "f" changes to a "v" like in "leaves."

For my older kids, we watched videos on Watch Know Learn, which is a great free site with educational videos for grades K-12. This was a great way to work on listening comprehension, prediction, inferring, and recalling details. Plus, watching videos seems motivating for many of the kids. 

What did you do in therapy this week?

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