Monday, March 3, 2014

Clinical Skills Confidence: Classroom Observation [freebie]

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SLPs in the schools need to have an understanding of how students are functioning in the classroom environment. In order for a student to qualify for speech/language services in the schools, there needs to be an impact in the classroom. 

How can you determine if there is an adverse impact? 

We can use standardized tests of course. But they often are not enough. I also like to use a teacher questionnaire and do a classroom observation. I decided to create a short form that you can grab and use during an observation rather than furiously scribbling down notes about what you're seeing. Grab the freebie here! [don't forget feedback]

This article from ASHA highlights what elements are important for a comprehensive speech/language assessment. 

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Do you do a classroom observation? What do you look for? 

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  1. It seems like a classroom observation would be a good way of understanding how your child is actually doing in school. Can parents go visit their children's classroom to see how the child is interacting with the teacher? My nephew is struggling in school and his parents are looking to find ways to improve his performance.