Saturday, March 1, 2014

How Do You Use It? Linky

Speech Time Fun is at it again! This month, her linky party focuses on using dry erase materials. This is how I use dry erase in my therapy:

1. Markers: Dry erase markers are great for writing and wiping laminated items or even those stuck in page protectors. Wastes less paper and kids seem to love it!

2. Point Tallies: A surefire way to motivate kids in my room is to give them a dry erase board, marker and tell them to track the number of points they earn. This works for anything!  

3. Magnetalk Barrier: This is a Super Duper product that is used with the barrier backgrounds, but sometimes I like to just use the board part (because it's dry erase). I can easily create a simple barrier game, by providing directions to draw different objects and then we compare our pictures. 

4. Write and wipe: I will use dry erase boards with older kids that I want to write down their sentences rather than say them out loud. This ensures that I can see what each student is capable of without the influence of hearing others' answers. 

Check Speech Time Fun's original post to see how other SLP bloggers use dry erase materials in their rooms!   

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