Friday, March 28, 2014

Peek At My Week 3/28

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We are charging towards April! The weather has finally started to warm up here, thank goodness. This week, there was an all day special event at my school, which shook things up a little. I learned awhile ago just go with it. I took the opportunity to push in and see how some of my students were doing during the activities. 

One of my groups is working on interpreting facial expressions. I picked up the book called The Way I Feel at a thrift store. It talks about feelings and what makes us feel different ways. We read this book together and talked about what makes us feel scared, frustrated, etc. I found these Highlights comic pages in the dollar section at Target awhile back and laminated them. They're great for interpreting different facial expressions. We took turns writing what we thought the characters were saying. These are similar to Conversation Comics in my TpT store. 

I use a modified cycles approach with some of my preschool friends. This week, I felt like letting them glue things, so I printed out worksheets (black and white) from Mommy Speech Therapy and cut them out. I cut out some squares of construction paper from other colors and let the kids glue them on while I did one on one practice with the others. They took it home for additional practice. 

Next week, I plan to use my brand new product called Design A Town!

Those were some highlights from my week! How was yours?

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