Friday, March 7, 2014

Peek At My Week 3/7

March already! It sure didn't feel like spring here. Another snow storm came through, making Monday and Tuesday a snow day. 

Confession: Sometimes I have no motivation to plan (gasp!). It happens sporadically, but this past weekend, the motivation monster stole mine and I lost hope of getting it back. 

What ever did I do? I used some of my purchases from the TpT sale, plus my latest product called S.L.A.M: Speech and Language Activities for a Month to fill in the gaps. 

This is what I came up with:
  • 5th-6th graders: I found some free reading comprehension worksheets from K12 Reader. They're even conveniently separated by grade! I chose this one  because it seemed to fit the extreme weather we had just experienced. It wasn't the most fun we've had during a session, but it hit all goals! 
  • 4th graders: Several of my 4th graders are working on formulating complex sentences with conjunctions and expressive language skills. I used parts of S.L.A.M. to cover those.
  • 2nd-3rd graders: I push in for some of my kids in these grades. That makes planning easier because I support whatever they are doing. Lately, the 2nd graders have been working on writing how-to books, which is great for overall oral language and sequencing. I pulled out one of my first TpT products called Syntax Slip-ups to work on identifying grammatical errors. 
  • K-1st graders: The goals for my younger kids vary widely. Between articulation, fluency, WH questions, and grammar, I decided to just use one of the open-ended games from S.L.A.M. and address each goal that way. 
  • Autism students: I push into this classroom a lot and I'm able to generally work individually with each child (except for the weekly social skills group). Goals range widely based on the student, so I bounce around and generally rotate the same activities with these kids, so they can have consistency. We work a lot on prepositions, simple sentence formulation, WH questions, etc. Again, S.L.A.M. helped because I had most of the visuals I needed. 
I recently purchased this Pancake Pile-up game from Zulilly. It's been a great motivator for several of my kids! If you're not familiar with Zulilly, it's a website that provides daily deals on clothing, shoe, toys, etc. I have been loving the deals. You can sign up if you'd like by clicking here (<--referral link). 

Not bad for a total lack of planning motivation! What do you do when you don't have time to plan?

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