Sunday, March 30, 2014

{Review} iName It from Smarty Ears + Giveaway

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me; however, the opinions expressed are my own!

It's time for another app review! This time, I am reviewing iName it from Smarty Ears. This app is currently on sale in the app store for $14.99. Initially, I thought this app was geared more towards adults. After some exploring, I think it will definitely work with children as well. Specifically, it works well for anyone who has difficulty recalling functional words in the household. 

There is a choice of 5 rooms, including the bathroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen, and living room:

Once you choose a room, you will see a room with a variety of items. Along the bottom of the screen, you will see all the items that you can touch and see in a larger view. 

If the client isn't able to name it right away, there are a variety of cues that can help with word retrieval. You can hear a phonemic cue, complete a phrase, the whole word, or a semantic clue (a place to store dishes). This is great for learning what kinds of cues work best for each client. 

What I Liked:
-ability to target following directions along with vocabulary (touch the cupboard, then the cup)
-expansion of utterance (I see the ____, The ____ is in the kitchen)
-realistic pictures are awesome for a lot of my kids
-clean, uncluttered presentation of rooms 

What I Would Love To See:
-ability to touch the item and hear the word: I think this would work really well with some of my kids with autism, because I think they would be able to start connecting the verbal word with the item
-ability to only choose one type of cue at a time

Overall, I think this is a great app for vocabulary development, answering "where" and "what" questions, and learning functional life skills items.

Smarty Ears has provided me with a copy to give away, so please enter below!

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  1. I would use this to work on vocabulary and wh- questions with my little ones and life skills students.

  2. Certainly the app is useful for vocabulary development and word retrieval, but it can also be great for working with students who need to improve their speech production of functional vocabulary.

  3. I would use this to expand expressive language and answer questions.

  4. Certainly the app is useful for vocabulary development and word retrieval, but it can also be helpful in improving speech production of functional vocabulary.

  5. I would love to use this to work on following directions, wh questions and increasing mlu with my students!

  6. I love the concept for this app. It would work on functional vocabulary while implicitly teaching vocabulary. And you could use it with adults or children.

  7. This app would be great for just about every aspect of language! It's uses appear to be endless!

  8. I would use this to work on vocabulary with my student with cognitive impairment. Seems like there are many uses for this app!

  9. I would use this app to teach vocabulary to my students with cognitive impairments. Seems like there will be many more uses for this app as well!

  10. This is great! I wish I'd had it at the beginning of the school year!