Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SLP Mood Decoder

It is that time of year in a school SLP's life. The time when referrals are raining from the sky, you are running from meeting to meeting, your schedule is laughable because it really doesn't exist anymore, and you are doing everything humanly possible to just keep your head above water.

Or is that just me? 

Well, I was having one of the "I should be doing something else, but instead I'm doing this" moments. I was thinking about mood rings and how I wish that I could wear one that would allow people to see my mood and know whether it was a good time to talk to to me or not. So I decided to have a little fun and de-stress myself. This was the result:

This one is how I personally feel throughout the year - obviously some years are more stressful than others. 

Sep and Oct: I'm crusin' along. Once I get a schedule nailed down, it's usually not too bumpy.
Nov: Kids and staff are looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting a little antsy.
Dec: Code Red, people. Holiday parties, too much sugar, possible snow days mean rescheduling meetings, etc.
Jan: Refreshed from the break!
Feb: Feelin' the burn a little and winter has fully set in.
Mar: CODE RED. This year it seems like meetings are constant, more referrals are pouring in, and I just have no time!
May: The light at the end of the tunnel - you can see it.
Jun: All hail June...hello, summer!

I realize you all might have different moods at different times. So I present you with your own 4 point scale. Get a clothespin and pin it to whichever state you may be in! 

This is purely just for fun - grab yourself a copy here!

What color are you at today?


  1. It was a red day! Everything is ok again, but sometimes the little things all add up when they hit at one time!

  2. Okay so that's what's going on. Thanks for clearing it up. My month has been crazy! Great post.