Friday, May 16, 2014

Peek At My Week 5/16

We continue to barrel through May. Which means it's a straight shot to June, people. Sort of. Just wade through those last few weeks of IEPs, evaluations (see how I keep tabs on E.I.P.), progress reports, ESY paperwork, etc. etc. etc. I should stop listing things - just doing that is making my head hurt!

This week was all about flowers! Tulips, to be exact, because I used Nicole Allison's Nonfiction Texts for Spring/Summer. I bought this during last week's sale and it's been an absolute life-saver because I don't have to think so much about planning. I built activities around the passages and we did the above craft. Construction paper and glue is about all I can handle these days (and even that can get complicated). Artic words, multiple meaning words, or details from the tulip passage were written on the tulips and carried home (hopefully) for more practice. The tulip passage had great multiple meaning words that we circled, along with answering the questions that Nicole has on there already. 

I had an A-HA moment that featured the iPad camera, so if you missed that, check it out! I found this cute free caterpillar book called Caterpillar Colors from This Reading Mama which you can find here. It was a great way to work on retelling because it was a repetitive book. It was also easy to incorporate AAC use, colors, and spring! 

What did you do this week? 

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  1. Sounds like you're trying to slow down for the end of the year! (The last linky of the year is up!)