Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get More Trials!

Yesterday, I tried something a little different with a couple students that I don't normally see together. With March being a Code Red month, my "schedule" is all sorts of wonky (if you're not sure what I mean by Code Red, check out the link to get your own SLP Mood Decoder). Two students were working on completely different goals (one was the /r/). I was using Step Up To R from Linguisystems, which is a great step by step program for the /r/.

*I purchased this resource myself. Opinions expressed are mine from using it!*

I wanted to be able to drill the student with the /r/ and still work with the other student on what she needed. I flipped the book open to an initial /r/ page that had a grid with words. I told the student we were going to play a game and she was in a competition with herself. When I was working with her, I put a magnetic chip (from Chipper Chat) on each square when she said a word correctly. After we got through all the words, she counted up the chips and wrote down the number. Then she practiced by herself in front of the mirror while I worked with the other student. It was a good motivator and she really tried to get more chips the next time around - and I got a ton more productions that I think I normally would have!

I will definitely be using this method again! It can definitely be used with other skills - be on the lookout for a new activity that uses this idea!


  1. That is similar to what I do with my "5 Minute Day Variation". I can get around 120 responses on the word level.

  2. It is a challenge, I'll agree. I do something similar, but I set up my iPad to video the student working on her own, so I can be sure she is actually using target sounds. It also allows her to review the productions she thought were correct. When I am working with the other student I can truly focus on him rather than keeping half an ear on the artic. student.