Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adapt Your Zingo Game + Freebie!

Do you have a Zingo game? There are several different versions, and this adaptation will work with all of them:

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Step 1: Turn over the tiles and write numbers on them (1-72 or however many tiles you have). 

Step 2: Place the tiles back in the columns, but upside down so the numbers are facing up.

Step 3: Slide the slider as you normally would. 

Step 4: When the numbers pop out, find the corresponding numbers on your list and provide the stimuli for the students. 

Step 5: After answering, students can mark off the corresponding number on the bingo board, which is included in the freebie. 

Now for your freebie:

The freebie includes: 
-5 bingo boards (plus a blank one)
-Lists for categories, describing, and words to put in a sentence: includes 72 different stimuli items

Grab your freebie here!

Do you think you'll use this adaptation? 


  1. Yes, I know I will use this! And I will use Zingo a whole lot more often, too! Thanks!

  2. My Zingo has pictures on both sides. Maybe your version is older? Oh well, I think adding a circular sticker over one side will still work! I love this idea

  3. I was wondering how I could make this game more flexible for speech. Thanks for the ideas and the freebie!