Monday, September 1, 2014

How Do You Use It? Linky

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I missed last month, but I'm back to join Miss Speechie for her monthly How Do You Use It Linky. Here's her original post for this month, which features brown paper bags.

I have to admit, I usually buy the white ones for some reason. Target usually has them, or I order via Amazon. Turns out, Amazon has many different options:

This is how I use paper bags in therapy:

1. Sorting: You can do this with categories or verb tenses. Simply write the category on the bag, open it, and let the sorting begin.

2. Crafts: There are several crafts that I've found that use a paper bag. A simple search on Pinterest yielded tons of options. You can probably find a different paper bag craft for every month!

3. Homework: I've also sent home homework tasks, articulation cards, or other things to practice inside a paper bag. Less likely to get lost on the way home!

4. Stimuli "Holders": If you have vocabulary cards, artic cards, etc that are student specific, you can label a bag and stick them in after the session. This way, students will know to just grab their bags on the way in.

Check out Miss Speechie's linky to see other great ideas!!

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  1. thanks for linking up!! LOVE the colored paper bags!!