Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peek At My Week 9/21

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Week #4! I'm sure I'll stop numbering the weeks at some point, but right now it's a small success to make it through another week.

Plans for this week:

K-2 crowd: We're reading The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston. It's a cute story about a scarecrow who makes friends the with animals that are scared of him at first. I found a cute free black and white clipart scarecrow from Mrs. Heather on TpT, so I printed a page size version for the kids to color. We will read the story, answer WH questions, find words with our sounds, retell the story, etc.


3rd-5th crowd: I plan to use parts of Super Power Speech's Fall Into Language Level 3. I think I'll be using this for this week and next because it's full of so many different activities. Lots of my kids are working on expanding their sentences, story retell/comprehension, etc. I am also waiting for the color ink that I ordered to come so I can print off my S.A.L.L. for ALL: FALL packet and get it laminated!

Preschool crowd: I picked up a Diggity Dog game the last time I was at the thrift store, so I plan to use this game as a reinforcer while we work on our target sounds.

Autism: I'm focusing on fall vocabulary this month and next month. I generally use the same materials for at least a couple weeks with these students. Some of the things I'm using include:

This freebie from Amanda Butt to work on bigger/smaller concepts plus vocabulary (click the pictures to be taken to the activity):

This freebie from creative classroom lessons for fall vocabulary: 

This freebie from thedabblingspeechie to work on prepositions in a functional manner:

Plus, I'll be using parts of my S.A.L.L packet (as soon as that ink comes)!

Hope this helps you out a little!

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  1. The book looks really cute. Don't you just love "freebies"?
    I have my link up, if you're interested! :)