Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peek At My Week 9/7

This year, I'm trying something new with Peek At My Week and posting at the beginning of the week to hopefully help you get a head start on planning. I'm also attempting to plan by the month, versus planning by the week, using the spreadsheet that I made below: 

This is the first full week, so it's the first time I'm officially seeing kids for therapy and trying out my schedule (that I've only had to change 9548438 times so far). 

This week is all about reconnecting with my students, gathering some baseline data, and getting to know any new students. 

You can never go wrong with Pop Up Pirate, so that's making an appearance with the younger kids. I can get some great baseline artic or language data in between coaxing that lovable pirate out of the barrel. 

I'm also using My Speech-o-graphy (click below) to talk about the summer and gather some baseline data. 

I'll also be using S.L.A.M. because it has tons of stimuli and is quick to grab. 

Also, I'll probably be pulling out Natalie Snyders' Progress Monitoring Tools. I currently own the Grammar one and the Upper Level Language one. 

What are your plans?

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