Friday, September 26, 2014

{Review + Giveaway}: Let's Learn Emotions App

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided; however, the opinions expressed are solely my own.

It's time for another app review! This time, I'm reviewing Let's Learn Emotions from Everyday Speech. Plus, you have a chance to win a copy, so read through. 

Below is the screen you see when you open the app. There are 4 different activities: Matching, Discussion, Flashcards, and Manage Emotions. There are 15 emotions included; however, you can easily add your own. 

In the matching, discussion and flashcard activity, you first are taken to a screen where you can choose which emotions to work on. I love this feature!

This is what the matching game looks like: 

Below are some of the cards from the discussion game. You are presented with two cards. The one of the left gives a discussion question, while the card on the right gives the emotion. The group that I tried this with had a good time acting out the emotions. 

If you click the emotion card, it provides a picture of the emotion. 

Below is a picture of what the flashcard practice looks like. You are presented with flashcards and the student needs to name the emotion. What's great about this is that you can add your own and practice those as well within this activity. 

The last activity is "manage emotions." This is where you can add your own. I had my students draw pictures of particular emotions and then we talked about what our eyes, mouth, and body would do if we were feeling a particular emotion. Then I snapped a picture and it added it to the app! 

What I Liked:
-ability to add your own emotions
-discussion game really made it helpful for kids with more language abilities to act things out
-this would work well for kids at varying levels
-ability to choose which emotions to target

What I Would Love To See:
-more advanced emotions added

Overall, this app seems different from some of the other emotions apps I've tried. I like that it can work from a very basic level up to a more advanced level. I especially love the ability to add your own emotions! 

Enter below to for a chance to win a copy of these app! 


  1. I would love to use this app for my autistic students.

  2. I would use this with my students with pragmatic language goals. It would also be good for preschool vocabulary expansion (feelings vocabulary and expanding utterances).

  3. This would be great to use with my kids with autism or kids who have difficulty understanding emotions!

  4. I would use this with my students who need practice with these skills.

  5. This could be good for some of my students with nonverbal learning disabilities.

  6. I have a couple of kids in my autism classroom with Emotion goals that this would be perfect for!

  7. This would be perfect for some of my autism students with emotion goals!

  8. I would use this for my students working on pragmatics. Nic