Tuesday, September 16, 2014

S.A.L.L. for ALL: Fall [giveaway]

Did you see it? The latest thing to hit my store? I'm quite excited about it because I'm hoping it'll make planning much easier for fall. Perhaps another season might follow if people are interested!

It's 110+ pages FULL of fall themed material that is broken down by 4 themes: apples, pumpkins, leaves, and football. Did I mention it's CCSS aligned? There are activities that should work with K-5th grade students. Individual activities within each theme vary; however, in each theme there are nonfiction passages, 2 stories (one for K-2, one for 3rd-5th), and open-ended articulation activity, and a simple craft activity. 

The following CCSS are targeted in this packet:
K.L 1b. Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs
K.L 5c. Identify real life connections between words and their use
1.SL 6. Produce complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation
K.L 1f. Produce and expand complete sentences in shared language activities
1.RL 1. Ask and answer questions about key details in a text
1.L 4a. Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase
K.SL 6. Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly
2.L 4. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple meaning words and phrases
K.L 5a. Sort common objects into categories to gain a sense of the concepts the categories represent
2.3.L 1b. Form and use frequently occurring irregular plural nouns
1.RL 9. Compare and contrast the adventure and experiences of characters of character in stories
K.L 1e. Use the most frequently occurring prepositions
3.L 5a. Distinguish the literal and nonliteral meanings of words and phrases 
K.L 5b. Demonstrate understanding of frequently occurring verbs and adjectives by relating them to their opposites
K.L 5d. Distinguish shades of meaning among verbs describing the same general action by acting out the meanings
2.3.L 1d. Form and use the past tense of frequently occurring irregular verbs

You can see all the different activities in the TpT listing and by downloading the preview. Here are a couple more pictures to give you more of an idea:

This is an idiom matching game, you can also choose to play without the answer choices:

These helmets are for comparing/contrasting:

These leaves are for irregular plurals:

Roll a die and cross off an antonym (synonym page also included):

You can win a copy by entering below:


  1. I love that it is one-stop shopping for language. Very convenient for busy school-based SLPs.

  2. I love how thorough this product is and that it covers so many different goals. It was already on my wish list at TPT!

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  5. I really like how it targets so many different skills.

  6. It is so comprehensive and covers so many goals! It also looks very motivating for the kids! I would LOVE to have this packet! Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity! :)

  7. This looks fantastic! It looks like it covers a variety of ages and goals! Good work!

  8. I like how I would be able to use this with so many of my students!


  9. Awesome job! What's not to like about it? It coves a variety of goals for every SLP! Thanks again for creating this and having the giveaway!

  10. I love the versatility of this app because of all the different goals it targets. This is perfect for group therapy and it has cute clipart (which is an added bonus).

  11. I love that this packet targets so many common language goals. Grab and go with most of my groups.

  12. So many options! Where do you find the time?

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