Sunday, September 28, 2014

Peek At My Week 9/28

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Week #5! It's almost October. I have a few fun things planned for the month of October. Check the blog on October 1st to see something new I'm trying!

My goal to plan by the month is still going pretty well. I have to really sit down and plan for the rest of October, but this coming week is set. At the end of the month, I always need to go back and make sure I've hit or attempted to hit IEP goal times and such. Lately, I've also had a lot of testing and reports to complete (got three done on Friday night). It's a lot for the brain to wrap itself around!

Preschool: All districts vary, but we see preschool students for artic only. While I try to work in language concepts as I can, it is not the focus of therapy sessions. Sometimes finding engaging activities that will still get lots of trials can be a challenge! Lately, my preschoolers have loved Cariboo and this pirate ship I picked up on clearance at Target. Note - I put batteries in it, because there are sound effects. I might be taking them out though because it can be distracting. There are little cannons that can shoot out. I will drill and then give them the cannons to shoot. Hasn't lost its charm yet!

I also frequently use Super Duper's Giant Book of Phonology cards!

Autism: I'm doing the same things from last week, as I like to do the same thing for at least a couple weeks so they have time to grasp the vocabulary/concepts. They liked the fall vocabulary. I programmed the vocabulary onto one student's iPad, so we could work on matching the label with the picture and do various other things with that. We did a matching game, which was great for expanding utterance length using carrier phrases.

K-5: I'm using the Apples section of S.A.L.L. for ALL: Fall (click picture) for tons of my kids. 

Younger ones are doing the associations, sentences, and following directions. Older ones are using the apple types and apples in the bucket activities. All are using the stories since there are 2 levels of the stories. I'll work in the included craft as I can. I'll probably use pieces of this for next week too!

Other things I'm using this week:

Articulations Menus from Speechy Musings

Fire Safety "What Ifs" (free) from Elementary Matters:

Since I'm doing a lot of testing lately, I'm also using my Informal Language Assessment (click the picture)! It's been really easy to collect some language data on my kids who are a little harder to test!

That's a wrap for this week! See you next week!

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